What is Black Wall Street?

The Power of a Strong & Vibrant Community

There has not been a lot written about Black Wall Street and what it means. Finding some posts across the internet which I compiled below, Black Wall Street was an affluent and thriving community of African-American Businesses located in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the early 20th century. In 1921, there was a race riot and massacre that included dropping firebombs on buildings, homes and families after an alleged assault of a white elevator operator by a black shoeshinner. This destroyed the community leaving thousands African-American people homeless and helpless.

About Black Wall Street

Black Wall Street also known as Little Africa, was located in Tulsa, Oklahoma but there were other “Black Wall Streets” across the country including North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia.

Why Black Wall Street Blog?

This blog has not been created to divide races or businesses but as a remembrance of the affluence and strength of the entrepreneurs and business owners in the community of Tulsa, Oklahoma and the benefit of having a strong and vibrant community can have for entrepreneurs and business owners. Community is at the heart of CEO Blog Nation ( and providing a Voice for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Our Black Wall Street Blog is a member of CEO Blog Nation, and each of our blog sites focuses on a different aspect of entrepreneurship and this site is no different.

On this site we hope to capture the following:

  • Stories and information about minority entrepreneurship
  • Historical stories of minority entrepreneurs
  • News, information and resources for minority entrepreneurs and business owners
  • And more…

Enjoy the site

– Gresh

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